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After an introductory briefing, you will then have the amazing experience of feeding our primates as well as the opportunity to ask one of our keepers any questions you may have.

By buying this gift, for yourself or for someone else, not only will it be an experience to remember but you will also be contributing to our valuable work helping to save animals from extinction.

This experience will last around 60 minutes and includes:

  • Meet the Lemurs
  • Private Marmoset Feed
  • Learn about our slow loris and why they are in trouble

The encounter is available for adults and children over the age of 12 years old; Any other guests wishing to watch the experience will need to pay normal centre admission prices.

A maximum of two people may take part in the experience.

More Information

Regrettably certain guests will be unable to take part including people with relevant phobias or known allergies, pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals.

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate those with a disability or learning difficulty, due to practicality and health and safety this cannot always be achieved; please contact us for advice before purchasing.

If you are considering this Encounter for corporate use or to use as a prize, please contact us on [email protected], to discuss all your options in more detail.

For more information or to place your order by phone, please call 01732 823996

If you have a query about our primate tour, please email [email protected]

Please see our full terms and conditions

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