pReSs & MedIa iNfOrmAtIon

Media Press Contacts

Our office is open between the hours of 9am - 5pm. For media enquiries, including zoo visits and filming requests, please get in touch with Adam Hemsley on 01732 823996 or email [email protected]

Alternatively you can contact Henry Weedon via email at [email protected]

Conservation and Animal Documentaries

Filming that directly relates to the centre's conservation mission will be considered favourably and in some cases fees may be waived. For further information about filming please email [email protected]

Commercial Filming and Photography.

Being a brand new zoo, with an ever growing number of animals and species, the HCC is a great filming/photography choice. We are incredibly film and photo friendly, and happy to accommodate photographers, news reporters and production companies of all sizes, at any time of the year.

Check out where we are located here to see what the area has to offer as well as a first class zoological collection.

Photography for commercial purposes is not permitted without the permission of the directors. All requests for commercial filming and photography at the HCC are considered on an individual basis and must be made in writing or via email. Please allow a minimum of 2 week's notice prior to filming. For commercial filming and photography a fee will be charged. The charge includes a chaperone at the centre whilst you are here.

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