bAlI MyNah

Scientific Name: Leucopsar rothschildi


Trend: Decreasing

Also known as the 'Bali Myna', or 'Bali Starling'

*Currently not on show*

ThE bAlI MynAh is OnE of tHe RarEst bIrdS iN tHe wOrld

The Bali mynah (also known as the Bali starling) was only discovered around 100 years ago, and in that time, it's tragically been hunted to the brink of extinction.

In 2001, only six of these birds were left in the wild, but with careful breeding, numbers have slowly increased.

This doesn't mean that they are by any means not at threat. Breeding and release projects are key to their wild survival. At most there are around 150 birds in the wild, including un-sexed juveniles.

Their main threat is collection for the illegal bird trade as many wealthy people buy, keep and display them as a status symbol.

They are a songbird species, with loud, beautiful calls - one reason they have been hunted and collected so much.

The birds here at the HCC are all young individuals that will be paired up very soon with potential mates!

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