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We all love the sunshine, but it is not something we can rely on in the UK all year round! Luckily for our visitors, the HCC is great whatever the weather is doing!

 With a number of sheltered walk ways, indoor exhibits and animal houses - some which even transport you to the world's tropics -, the rain doesn't stop us!

As we are a natural site, and many of our paths are natural material, please wear suitable footwear for potentially muddy conditions!


nIgHt LiFE

Cold and wet? How about trying warm and starry? Head on in to our nocturnal house to discover more about our kinkajous and pygmy slow loris!


Our lemurs like things dry toor! So if it's raining, head on in to their inside houses to say hi!

dEseRts & rEptiLeS

Head on in to the real heat! Deserts may get super cold at night, but during the day temperatures soar! Be sure to check out all of our amazing reptiles too - some of which are our most endangered inhabitants!

trOpICAl hOuSe

Head on in to the warmth of the south American rainforest to discover the only prehensile tailed porcupines in the UK, marmosets, tamarins, armadillos, piranhas, and a host of creepy crawlies!

ShElteREd sPaCes

The majority of our outdoor exhibits also feature sheltered spaces where you can see our animals out of the rain! This includes our lorikeet feeding sessions, and several of our brand new exhibits nearing completion, such as our rusty spotted cat viewing deck and civet shack! 

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