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On the 6th March 2018, our common marmosets welcomes their first set of twins in their brand new enclosure in our tropical house.

Both twins are doing incredibly well and growing in strength and confidence each day!

Both parents take it in turn to care for the infants, although dad 'Thiago' does most of the carrying and hands them back to mum 'Aiya' for feeding!

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New website!

March 15, 2016

Check out our new look website ahead of some exciting news!

New website!

April 11, 2017

Our brand new website is now live! We hope you like the look of it! We will be announcing more big news soon so keep your eyes glued to our website and social media pages!

Dad's In For a Quid!!

April 11, 2017

Bring your dad along this father's day for £1 entry. Click here to claim your fathers day voucher. Terms and conditions apply.

Monkeying About

July 2017

These amazing little faces are the newest residents at the zoo. Just over two weeks ago our black tailed marmosets arrived at the centre, and have settled in brilliantly. They're still a little shy but are spending increasing amounts of time out in their enclosure, exploring their new home and making bonds with their new keepers. Keep your eyes peeled for them on your visit!

What is a Jerboa?

August 2017

Many people have never heard of this fascinating rodent before, first of all they are found in Northern Africa and live in the desert. They eat vegetation, nuts and seeds as well as small insects!

They are often called 'Africa's Kangaroo' because they have incredibly long back legs which are perfect for jumping across the sand!

We are the only zoo in the UK to house this species and they are part of a breeding program here at the centre. They are very shy so make sure you are patient when trying to find them and you might be very lucky!

Our first cat species!

August 2017

Our first cat species has arrived at the centre! We are home to a female rusty spotted cat, who will be joined by another later in the year. They are one of the cat family's smallest members, and are found in India and Sri Lanka. The centre cares for the Sri Lankan race. They are officially classified as 'Near Threatened', as their habitat is becoming increasingly fragmented and destroyed. Our cats are currently not on show whilst they settle in, so keep checking our website and facebook for more updates.

More Monkey Business!

January 2018

We've just welcomed a brand new primate species to our Tropical House - White lipped tamarins.

The white-lipped tamarin (Saguinus labiatus), also known as the red-bellied tamarin, is a tamarin which lives in the Amazon area of Brazil and Bolivia.

They live in social groups of related animals, and their appearance is rather striking, with a rusty red colours belly and white moustache! Come along and see if you can spot them!

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